Exhibition „Radical collectives“ Kunstuni Campus 2023 @ Ars Electronica

I’m very happy to announce,  that I attend  the Kunstuni Campus @ Ars Electronica Festival Exhibition with two projects!

Come and visit me!

@ Hauptplatz 6, ground floor, east atrium: „How are you, my digital friend?“ A speculative Design Intervention for Emotional Things in Human-Nonhuman Entanglement.
@ Hauptplatz 8, ground floor, east atrium: „All sort of Things …“ a design fiction investigating talking objects, (dis)obedient users and dreaming of intelligent machines Bashir Bastan (IR), Masoud Simaei (IR), Laia Bonias Garriogos (ES), Leoni Demand (DE), Sophie Morelli (IT)

6-9.9.2023, 11am – 8pm
10.9.2023, 8am-6pm

How are you, my digital friend, Marianne Lechner, Foto: Sarah Pührerfellner

How are you, my digital friend?

Marianne Lechner (AT)

Imagine it is 2040, and we live together in a collaborative network of diverse digital entities. This scenario proposes diverse entities as part of our social life—they are embodied, social and emotional. How are you, my digital friend? is a speculative design intervention that reconfigures the use of emotions in design practice and explores the implications of using emotions as a socio-technical entanglement in interaction design.

The visual prototype, which uses “emotional matter,” enables a visceral atmospheric communication between things and people in a more-than-human world.

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All Sorts of Things…

Bashir Bastan (IR), Masoud Simaei (IR), Laia Bonias Garrigós (ES), Leoni Demand (DE), Sophie Morelli (IT)

a design fiction investigating talking objects, (dis)obedient and dreaming of intelligent machines
Post-humanist design enables a world in which humans and non-humans (things) take center stage. It criticizes the exploitation of non-human species and materials. But what role do digital technologies play in this interaction? How will we communicate with our digital and intelligent things in the future? This design fiction show imagines future things and our options for action. We present different scenarios with intelligent objects that provide a glimpse into everyday situations in our near-future life: spiritual technologies provide mind changing personal experiences with immersive jewelry, AI psychotherapy sessions invite to talk to intelligent machines with pushback, narrative space archives for media activists tell stories of freedom and resistance and sensorium kits offer a mutual understanding with plants for a more symbiotic relationship and cohabitation.

Concept and exhibition development: Barbara von Rechbach, Marianne Lechner
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