Futuresscape 29.6 – 1.7.2023

Welcome to the exhibition: „Futuresscape – Artefacts for pre- and refigurated times to come“

Embark on a journey into the realms of the unknown at „Futuresscape“ exhibition. Witness the convergence of art and speculative futures as four distinct projects unveil artifacts from possible tomorrows. Louisa Clever, Leoni Demand, Andrea Hausmann, Lukas Hoffmann, Katja Irger, Ozan Tezvaran invite you to immerse yourself in these captivating creations, offering glimpses into alternative worlds and their societies. Become a moth, read a newspaper from 2100, get to know someone from 2060 or join an AI trade union.

Louisa Clever, Leoni Demand, Andrea Hausman, Lukas Hoffman, Katja Irger, Ozan Tezvaran

Institute of Media, Visual Communication – Course “Labor II” supervised by: Tina Auer, Marianne Lechner

Exhibition Dates:
29.6.2023: 16pm -21.00pm

30.6-1.7.2023: 11am-6pm

Hauptplatz 8, 4010 Linz, 4th Floor